What time do you have to report an accident to the insurance provider?

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Involved in a car crash can be a very stressful experience. If you’ve never been in one in the past, you could also be facing the added stress of knowing what you must inform your insurance provider.

How Long Do I Have to Report an Accident to My Insurance Company?

If you are injured by an incident, you should inform the insurance provider as quickly as you can. The majority of insurance companies stipulate that you inform your insurer within 24 hours after the incident.

Review the language of your insurance policy to find out whether your insurer has stated the time frame you must declare an accident. In general, the earlier you notify your insurance company the sooner you will be able to get your insurance policy in order.

Is It Illegal to Not Report an Accident?

If you are injured in an accident it is your responsibility to remain on the scene for a reasonable period. It is also legal to provide your name, address, and the registration number of your vehicle in the presence of “anyone with reasonable grounds for requiring them.”

As stated on the website of government that if you’re unable to exchange your personal information on the spot of the accident, you need to notify the police.

If you’ve exchanged information with the other driver and as long as no one has suffered injuries during the collision, there’s no need to notify the police.

What Happens If I Don’t Report an Accident?

If you fail to stop following an accident and file a report and report it, you could face an enormous fine, and possibly as long as six months’ prison.

If you fail to inform your insurance company about the incident or tell your insurer after the fact, they might cancel your policy and decline to cover you in the future.

What About My No Claims Bonus?

The price of losing your no-claims bonus could be greater than the repair costs.

What happens if you wish to keep your no-claims bonus, and make the repairs yourself? Or to get the expense of repairs with the person who did the damage?

You must still make a report. You can however declare that you’re reporting information only”, and that you do not wish to pursue a claim.

If anyone believes you are at fault for the incident they are entitled to inquire about your insurance details. If you don’t inform them by yourself, your insurer may agree to settle with the insurance company of the other driver without your knowledge.

As we mentioned earlier, failing to report an accident is a crime that can seriously impact your chances of being insured in the future.

Don’t risk it! Even if the insurance policy states that you only have a couple of weeks to file a report of an incident and you’re in the best interests to file a report of the incident as quickly as you can. To reduce the risk of any hazard and to minimize the risk, report it within the first 24 hours.

Not reporting an accident as a felony infraction. It’s the same for driving without insurance. For complete peace of mind, it’s essential to ensure that you’re covered with an adequate insurance policy for your vehicle every time you drive.