Does My Car Insurance Increase If I Add My Wife To The Insurance?

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Insurance coverage is affixed to the vehicle as well as the driver. Thus, the owner of the car is not responsible for any injury that a family member or any other borrower causes when operating the car owned by the owner. However, the car owner’s insurance provides primary protection for the person who is driving the vehicle (if the person was allowed for driving).

Primary and Secondary sum of money once a Non-Owner Wrecks a automobile

If the owner of the car lends their car to a person who is a friend, and the friend is involved in an accident that hurts someone else, the car owner’s insurance is the primary insurance coverage for the victim’s admissible damages. The second liability insurance is the liability insurance of the driver.

Let’s take an example:

The owner of the vehicle is liable for $25,000 bodily injury liability.

The damages for the injured victim are $30,000.

Once when the $25,000 initial insurance is exhausted, insurance for liability of the driver would pay all the rest of that $5,000.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that involved the non-owner of the vehicle of another, consults an experienced attorney for car accidents. Insurance coverage can be more difficult in these circumstances We can assist you with the process and seek damages that are in the full amount of your injuries.

The Car’s Owner Could Be Liable for Negligent Entrustment

If the car’s owner was negligent in allowing someone other than them to drive their vehicle and the driver is responsible for an accident that hurts someone the owner of the vehicle could be held personally accountable for the negligence is entrusting.

For instance, if a car owner lets someone drunk drive their vehicle when the drunk driver creates an accident that hurts someone another person, the injured party may hold the car owner responsible for their injuries and the drunk driver.

Explaining Permissible Use

If the driver of the car owned by the owner was not authorized to drive the car the insurance policy of the owner will not be able to cover the driver. This means that the insurance policy of the owner won’t cover anyone injured from an incident caused by the driver.

In the event of non-permissive usage (i.e. the driver didn’t have permission to drive the vehicle of the owner) the insurance policy of the at-fault driver is the main coverage alternative.

Don’t be concerned about paying for the damages caused by someone who stole your Car

Owners are not liable for any accidents that occur as a result of the theft of their vehicle, or the usage of the vehicle that is not with the owner’s approval. The insurance company of the owner is responsible only for accidents in which the owner has given permission or consent to the use of the vehicle.

Another Party may be answerable for the Car Accident

The person you are with may have gotten involved in a collision when driving in your car however that doesn’t necessarily mean they were the cause. The driver who caused the collision could be held to all liability. For example, commercial truck drivers may have been driving under the influence and struck the person you were with (in your vehicle).

Our team will fight to get compensation for you

There are many ways of uncovering liability and finding insurance to cover injuries. The most effective method is the one that’s appropriate for your situation. The question of whether the vehicle’s driver or owner is accountable for a crash is contingent upon who is at fault. But, it could be more complex than it appears.

Contact us if you’ve been injured in an accident and require assistance in pursuing compensation for all your:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Pain and suffering and Pain and suffering  as well as
  • Other damage

We can assess your case and examine the cause of the accident to determine accountable parties. We can assist you in your case from beginning to conclusion.

Your lawyer will handle your Complete Case

We will help you prove that you are responsible and seek compensation for damages. Our team will look into all options.

There are a variety of ways that our car accident lawyers are prepared to assist you with obtaining an agreement or judgment for your case, such as:

  • Looking for evidence to support your assertion
  • In assisting you to comply with the statute of limitations outlined in Virginia Code Virginia SS8.01-243
  • The estimation of a total value for your losses from accidents
  • Answering your questions
  • Encouraging you to seek an equitable outcome for your case
  • Filing the paperwork
  • Negotiating and communicating with insurance companies
  • We stand by you in court, should the necessity arises.
  • Your rights are protected
  • Discussion of your alternatives with you

Discuss with your lawyer the person who might be responsible for the crash that occurred with your vehicle. There is a chance of having your insurance company cover the damages to your vehicle or the friend’s injuries.

Your friend could also be eligible to receive an award if they were not the cause of the accident.

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