Cheapest cars to insure the UK

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1. ŠKODA Fabia gasoline one.0 manual 5dr SE MPI seventy five — £413.67

Skoda has started creating higher trying and many fascinating cars over the past few years, and therefore, the Fabia is no exception. Whereas it’s not going to be as enticing in the concert of its rivals, it boasts an associate degree £11,445 tag and a five-star monetary unit NCAP safety rating, creating it a pretty compelling automobile.

2. Nissan Micra 2019 one.0L Manual 5dr VISIA Hatchback – £417.25

The updated Nissan Micra may be an intelligent trying automobile speech act a formidable list of safety instrumentation and associate degree emergency braking system.

Prices for the automobile begin at £12,880, and for that, you get a five-door hatchback with 300-litre boot capability and greenhouse emission emissions from 107g/km.

3. SEAT Mii S one.0 Manual 3dr S (60) Hatchback – £459.03

It’s cute, compact and designed for town motorists. It’s priced from £11,905 has ISOFIX seat points and Electronic Stability management (ESC). It’s, in all probability, not the foremost sensible automobile. It’s low-cost to insure cost accounting around £459.

4. Skoda Citigo gasoline one.0L Manual 3dr S (60) Hatchback – £464.94

Another cute town automobile, however not as enticing because of the Mii or as low-cost to insure. It is, however, considerably cheaper to shop for costs accounting from £8,890.

5. VW UP gasoline one.0L Manual 3dr TAKE UP! sixty Hatchback – £473.37

Perhaps the best and most appealing compact town automobile out of the vehicles on the list, the Up! may be a compelling purchase. It’s priced from £10,080 and has a variety of various power and potency choices. If you want a relaxed style and tight worth, you must get pleasure from this automobile.

6. Chevrolet Spark one.0L annual 5dr LS Hatchback – £489.41

Praised for sturdiness and low cost to insure, the Spark may well be a solid shout for a driver searching for an honest town automobile to insure. It prices simply keep of £500 annually for your insurance.

7. Kia Rio 1.2L Manual 5dr two Hatchback – £491.19

Not solely is it low-cost to insure, it additionally incorporates a seven-year pledge which can provide you peace of mind. It’s pretty cheap to shop for, equipped and more significant than a number of the opposite vehicles on the list.

8. good FORFOUR PURE gasoline one.0L – £512.14

Small, simple to park and manoeuvre in city and low-cost to insure cost accounting £512 annually.

9. Ford Ka+ 1.2L Manual 5dr STUDIO TI-VCT seventy Hatchback – £523.01

The Ka has perpetually been an inexpensive automobile to insure, and currently, the dramatically restyled version makes it a lot of compelling purchases for motorists.

10. Hyundai I10 one.0 manual 5dr S Hatchback – £567.65

The Hyundai i10 may be an ordinary town automobile praised by critics for a reason. It’s an excellent-worth vehicle and balances its options well. It additionally prices simply £567.55 a year to ensure creating it pretty cheap too.

11. Peugeot 107

The Peugeot 107 comes prime of the list for cars with low insurance premiums. On average, it prices on average £1,114 for a twelve-month policy for those aged seventeen to twenty-four – though quotes are as low as £740 for a seventeen-year recent.

The small automotive is ideal for brand spanking new drivers, and despite its tiny proportions, it is on the market with five doors, creating it amazingly sensible.

12. Citroen C1

The Citroen C1 is ready to achieve sixty-nine miles per gallon and with a tax of simply £110 a year, running prices area unit affordable for this good very little 1st automotive.

Motorists will choose from a {1} cubic decimeter or a livelier 1.2 cubic decimeter engine. Also, the lightweight steering makes it simple to navigate town streets and park in tight spots.

13. Toyota Aygo

The first non-French automotive within the list prices £1,182 a year to ensure; however, it is as low-cost as £736 from age seventeen.

14. Ford Ka

The Ford Hindu deity has been a well-liked selection with young drivers since it 1st came to get in 1996 – and has been around for twenty-four years; it’s older than several of the young driver’s World Health Organization own one nowadays.

15. Fiat 500

Making it into the highest 5 is another style icon – the edict five hundred. The Italian automotive was the highest marketing automotive through conserve in 2019, combining vogue with utility.

16. Vauxhall Corsa

Packed with clever technology and amazingly commodious, the Vauxhall Corsa is favouring a brand new generation of motorists.

While the traditional insurance value is £1,342, this could go right down to £711 for seventeen-year-olds.

17.  Volkswagen Polo

German cars area unit identified for quality and for those wanting simply to insure one, policies for a seventeen year recent is had for as little as £569.

The Polo has been on the marketplace for over forty years; however, the little automotive continues to be roomy, reliable and a good selection for those searching for an inexpensive 1st automotive.

Young drivers: the standard insurance value for seventeen to twenty-four-year-olds with a Renault Clio is £1,362

18. Renault Clio

Average insurance value for seventeen to twenty-four-year-old: £1,362