Auto-Owners Car Insurance Review

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Auto-Owners Insurance Company serves many more than the car owners. The company offers more than twelve kinds of insurance via independent agents across 26 states. Individuals who require several insurance policies could get the benefits of convenience and savings by bundling them with Auto-Owners that offers a wide range of insurance options.

Auto-Owners Insurance for autos

Auto-Owners’ auto insurance received 4.5 five stars overall for performance. NerdWallet’s ratings are made by our team of editors. The scoring formula considers discounts and prices, the ability to file claims transparency of the website’s financial strength, information on complaints obtained from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and many more.

Based on these evaluations, Auto-Owners is among NerdWallet’s Top Car Insurance Companies for 2021.

Auto-Owners provides all the standard protections, including liability, state-required insurance kinds, roadside assistance, and the collision and comprehensive. The company also provides additional coverages and options.

Gap insurance is a great option should you have the balance of a lease or loan and your vehicle is damaged or stolen. Comprehensive and collision insurance pays only what you can get for your vehicle and could be less than what you owe on a lease or loan. Gap insurance covers the difference if you purchase it.

Diminished coverage is like gap insurance but in less dire circumstances. If your vehicle was damaged (rather than totaled or stolen) the insurance add-on will pay for the diminished value of your car.

Additional expense insurance is more extensive than standard rental car insurance. It’s not just for the rental of a car in case your vehicle is being repaired for an insured claim, this insurance covers food, lodging, and other expenses if you’re stuck.

Personal Automobile Plus package comes with more than 10 perks and protections, including identity theft protection along with cell phone insurance, and the ability to replace keys that are stolen or lost.

Auto-Owners offers several benefits with its auto policies that major insurance companies don’t.

The common loss deduct. If you have the Auto-Owners home insurance and also an auto policy that has full coverage. If you have to file a claim on both policies in the same incident like an extreme storm or tree that fell on both your car and home -the insurance company decreases your auto insurance deductible to the amount of the property deductible. If the homeowner’s deductible is greater than your auto deductible, the insurer will waive the auto deductible.

Collision coverage benefit from Auto-Owners comes in two components. In the first, if you’re in a collision client of the business the collision deductibles are reduced. If you’re involved in a collision that involves an animal, the Auto-Owners can either be able to pay for the collision or your comprehensive coverage, whichever is more favorable to you. For the majority of insurers, animal-related collisions are covered within comprehensive coverage.

Insurance for rental cars. When you rent the car the Auto-Owners policy will cover the same amount of coverage as it does for your vehicle, in addition to any charges from the rental company that is associated with an accident. A lot of auto policies offer lower limits of coverage when you lease a car and do not pay for those charges.

Discounts from Auto-Owners comprise:

  • Multipolicy discount.
  • Life insurance premium discount for multipolicy insurance.
  • Discount for 36 months of timely payments.
  • Discount when you pay the entire amount at the time of purchase.
  • Online and paperless payments offer a discount.
  • Multicar discount.
  • Discount on safety features such as airbags and antilock brakes.
  • Discount for having a few or favorable (not at fault) claims.
  • Discounts for students with excellent marks and taking the vehicle off when going to school over 100 miles away, and monitoring teens’ driving with GPS.

TrueRide from Auto-Owners offers an offer based on usage and comes that comes with an app that matches the offer, which is available to customers of Auto-Owners located in Ohio. You can get a discount by enrolling, and then the app will track your driving habits and provide feedback on your driving habits, such as aggressive braking, sharp turns, and acceleration. You will receive a score for each trip, and when you are safe driving you will also receive a discount when you renew your insurance.

Auto-Owners homeowners insurance

Auto-Owners provides all the standard homeowner’s insurance, with additional options that you can pick. For more information, read our Auto-Owners review of home insurance.

Auto-Owners Life Insurance

There are term, universal, and entire Life insurance policies at Auto-Owners Insurance.

For the majority of households, term life insurance is the most effective combination of protection and price. Auto-Owners offer term life insurance is available in 10or 20or 30-year options and can be extended up to 95.

Consult a financial advisor if you’re considering permanent life insurance.

Auto-Owners complaints and satisfaction of customers

Auto-Owners were far less than the number of complaints made to state regulators to the size of its business for auto and life insurance, as per three years of information obtained from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Auto-Owners’ satisfaction ratings with customers are higher than the average.

Auto insurance rating methodology

NerdWallet’s auto insurance rating honors firms for their customer-first features and methods. The ratings are calculated based upon the weighted mean of scores across a variety of areas, such as financial capacity, consumer complaints, and discounts. We also evaluate our “ease of use” category examines factors like the transparency of the website as well as the ease with which you can submit an action. We use our discretion when deciding on our editorial choices we also look at the satisfaction of customers. These ratings are only a guideline, however, we advise you to look at different insurance quotes to discover the most affordable rate. NerdWallet is not compensated for any review. Read our Guidelines for editorials.

Methodology: Insurer complaints

NerdWallet investigated complaints made by state insurance regulators and presented on behalf of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners between 2018 and 2020. To evaluate how insurers’ performance compares to each other to one, the NAIC determines an annual complaint index for each subsidiary. It measures the percentage of complaints received about its size or the proportion of premiums paid to the business. To assess a company’s complaint background, NerdWallet calculated a similar index for every insurer, weighted by the market share of every subsidiary for three years. The ratios are calculated independently for home, auto (including condos and renters) along with life and health insurance.